VITIA – Multivitamin Complex for Dogs and Puppies

VITIA – Multivitamin Complex for Dogs

Natural, premium multivitamin supplement that helps to maintain your furry friend’s general wellbeing.

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Vitia is an advanced multivitamin supplement complex for all dogs (young, old, big and small) to support their overall wellbeing. The tablets contain natural food ingredients your pooch needs to develop a shiny coat, strong muscles and a healthy brain.

Vitia provides your dog with all essential vitamins and minerals including the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E as well as trace minerals at levels unrivalled in many other pet formulas.

Some of the ingredients include:

Calcium- aids bone growth, teeth resilience, eyesight, and prevents clotting

Pottasium- helps to maintain a proper fluid balance throughout the body

Linoleic Acid Powder- provides a natural way to developing and maintaining a healthy hair coat

Vitamin C- antioxidant, serves a role of a cofactor in collagen synthesis, the main protein in joint tissue and bone.

Active Ingredients (per tablet)

• Calcium (Carbonate) - 50mg

• Phosphorous - 50mg

• Linoleic Acid Powder - 30mg

• Vitamin C - 25mg

• Choline - 20mg

• Niacin (Vitamin B3) - 5mg

• Potassium - 4mg

• Magnesium - 4mg

• Iron - 3mg

• Zinc - 1.5mg

• Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - 1mg

• Thiamine (Vitamin B1) - 800μg

• Iodine - 500μg

• Pantothenic Acid - 400μg

• Manganese - 125μg

• Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) - 120μg

• Copper - 50μg

• Folic Acid 25μg

• Biotin - 10μg

• Vitamin B12 - 2μg

• Vitamin A - 1000iu

• Vitamin D3 - 150iu

• Vitamin E - 5iu

• Vitamin K1 - 10μg

Inactive Ingredients

• Microcrystalline Cellulose

• Magnesium Stearate

• Chicken Flavouring

Vitia tablets are designed to be eaten directly or as part of a meal, crushed if necessary into your dog’s food or a treat. If multiple tablets are to be taken, these can be split throughout the day.

Safe to give to all dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old.

Directions of use

• Up to 10kg (22lb) - half a tablet per day

• 11–25kg (23–55lb) - one tablet per day

• Over 25kg (55lb) - two tablets per day


If your dog is under medical supervision, please consult your vet before you start using this product. Adverse reactions to this product are rare but in such an event please discontinue use and consult your vet. Do not exceed the stated quantity.

100% Natural Ingredients

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Is Vitia gluten-free?

Yes, it is.

My dog is allergic to chicken. Does Vitia actually contain the chicken protein or is it an artificial flavouring?

No, there is no chicken in the chicken flavouring we use in our supplement. It is a synthetic flavour added to dextrose. Diabetic dogs should consult a vet before using the supplement, due to the dextrose used in the flavouring as it may not be suitable for them.

Can Vitia be given to a puppy?

Yes, in most cases Vitia can be given to puppies older than 12-weeks. However, just to be sure it’s ok in your particular case, we always recommend checking with your veterinarian first as they will know your dog best.  

Are these tablets hard or soft and chewy?

Vitia tablets are hard but can be cut in half or ground into a powder using a kitchen mortar and pestle or a tablet grinder.

How long should it take to see the results?

All dogs are different and their condition varies but most of our customers notice changes between 4–8 weeks of using the supplement, if not earlier.

What Our Customers Say

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