MOBI – Hip and Joint Glucosamine Supplement for Dogs

Directions of Use

Have you recently noticed your dog slowing down, having difficulty walking, or being stiffer than normal? As your dog gets older, its joints and connective tissues may need extra support. This is where Mobi comes in.

Mobi helps to maintain a healthy joint structure, maintain flexibility, and support the formation of cartilage. It’s a perfectmobility supplement with powerful and natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties that help keep your furry friend active, no matter their age. These include glucosamine, chondroitin, green-lipped mussel, MSM, curcumin (turmeric), and more.

The tablets (or powder) help to sustain your dog’s mobility at any stage of its life. Mobi can be fed to all dogs regardless of age, size or level of exercise. It comes in a delicious chicken flavour your pup will love! 


120 tablets

300 tablets

150g powder

Look After Your Best Friend’s Hip and Joint Health. Say hello to Mobi!

Customer Reviews

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Mobi - so far so good!

My dear old greyhound has only been taking these for two weeks, but he seemed to cope well with our longer walks on holiday in Devon last week. My vet recommended using this type of joint supplement with omega oils, so I also give him the 'Omega' product from Dog's Lounge; I'm hoping this will reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication over time.

5 star product!

It's taken a few weeks but I can already see the results. My little lad is no longer limping and much happier on walks. Would recommend!

Mary L.
The best ever!!

My shihpoo Molly is almost 14yrs old and has been on these tablets for about 6yrs since her joints started to swell with arthritis. They have made such a difference to her mobility, I recommend them to everyone. They have gradually taken the swelling down and she is now running round like she used to, which i thought i'd never see, she can even jump on the sofa again when she wants a fuss. I've just ordered another bottle as I wouldn't be without them for her. Thanks so much for these!! :)

Julie B.
Really Helps Our Goldendoodle

Dougal is 12, he's a lovely big old dog but he has arthritis in his hips and back legs so getting up off his bed and moving around has become difficult for him. I've been giving him tablets prescribed by the vet but they don't seem to have made much difference despite their hefty cost each month. I happened upon this fantastic website when looking for a natural alternative to try and found the Mobi supplement. Dougie has been taking the powder on his food for a few weeks now and the improvement is noticeable. This supplement is much better than the tablets from the vet, with the added bonuses that Mobi is natural and it's cheaper. Dougie and I would definitely recommend it!

Carol S.
Great product

This supplement has really helped the mobility in my female husky within days of taking. Highly recommended