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MERIC EXTRA – Advanced Turmeric Extract for Dogs

Directions of Use

MERIC is a turmeric-based joint supplement for dogs. Our supplement contains 95% standardised amount of curcuminoids (the active ingredients), making it one of the strongest and most potent formulas on the market. The black pepper extract (piperine) was added to maximise its bioavailability (the amount available to be used by the body) and consequently its benefits. MERIC is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds.

60 capsules

Look After Your Best Friend’s Wellbeing. Say hello to Meric!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
These turmeric capsules really help

As my dog gets older he sometimes gets a bit of cramp and stiffness and I have found that these turmeric capsules really help. The tablets are soft shell and can be pulled apart to tip the contents into food if needed. Thank you!

My 11 year old border terrier had began to limp

My 11 year old border terrier had began to limp and was stiff to stand up from testing in his bed. Since taking Meric he seems far more supple and doesn’t seem stiff or struggling at all.

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