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VITIA – Multivitamin Complex for Dogs

Directions of Use

VITIA is an advanced multivitamin supplement complex for all dogs – young, old, small and big. The tablets contain 100% natural food ingredients your pooch needs to develop a shiny coat, strong muscles and a healthy brain. 

VITIA provides your dog with all essential ingredients such as calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones, linoleic acid powder for a shiny coat, vitamin C for absorption and immune support, and many more.

120 chicken flavoured tablets | Only £0.13/tablet

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Look After Your Best Friend’s Wellbeing. Say hello to Vitia!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karl M.
Great product 👌

My 4 year old sun loving frenchie has a spine defect and these seem to be helping in keeping her going x

Good product, brilliant value for money. I will order again!

Good product, brilliant value for money. I will order again!

Jeanette P.
I'm very pleased

Have built up dose gradually and after a couple of weeks my elderly Cavalier is more bouncy and happy, I haven't changed anything else, so I'm very pleased. So is dog he thinks it's another treat to enjoy.