BROTHY – Dehydrated Bone Broth for Dogs

100% natural dehydrated bone broth powder. Premium quality broth loaded with collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin that can help with: 

- joint health and mobility

- digestion and gut health

- maintaining a shiny, healthy coat

- reducing inflammation

to keep your dog looking and feeling its best. 

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Brothy is 100% natural dehydrated bone broth made from high-quality beef or chicken bones with nothing else added. No artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. The powder is made by removing all the water from the bone broth liquid and leaving only the bone protein.

Rich in essential nutrients such as collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, this delicious powder provides a range of health benefits, including improved joint health, better digestion, skin and coat maintenance.

Benefits of bone broth:

🐾 Supports digestion and gut health for overall well-being

🐾 Promotes a shiny, healthy coat and reduces inflammation

🐾 It can be an alternative to solid foods while your pup is vomiting or having diarrhoea

🐾 It can help with weight loss

🐾 It can entice fussy eaters when added to their meals

🐾 Gelatin can prevent or reverse a condition known as a leaky gut syndrome

🐾 Packed with essential nutrients like collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin for joint health and mobility, keeping your dog active and energetic

🐾 Glycine and proline—the two amino acids found in bone broth—can help to decrease inflammation in canine intestines and assist in building new tissue in your dog's digestive tract

🐾 Bone broth is rich in the neurotransmitter arginine, which helps with circulation. A healthy dose of arginine in the diet can smooth blood flow through the vessels and help prevent clogged arteries

🐾 Easy-to-prepare dehydrated formula suitable for all dogs, makes it a versatile and delicious addition to your dog's diet. Make as much or as little as you need based on your dog's weight. No more waste!

Brothy Chicken Flavour


Chicken bone broth powder made from slow-simmered chicken bones


Protein (93%), Collagen (25%), Fat (<0.5%), Ash (4–8%), Moisture (2–6%), Salt (<3%), Fibre (<1%)


Brothy Beef Flavour


Beef bone broth powder made from slow-simmered beef bones


Protein (95%), Collagen (84%), Fat (<3%), Ash (<3%), Moisture (6%), Salt (<2%), Fibre (<1%)

Administer the powder in a daily suggested quantity as per the guide below. To make a delicious broth, put one 5g scoop (supplied) of dehydrated bone broth powder into a bowl, add 100ml freshly boiled water and stir well. Allow broth to cool completely before serving it to your dog. Rehydrated broth can be refrigerated and used within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the dry bone broth powder over your dog's food as a yummy and nutritious food topper.

Directions of use

• Up to 20kg (44lb) - 0.5 scoop/day (+50ml water)

• 20–35kg (44–77lb) - 1 scoop/day (+100ml water)

• Over 35kg (77lb) - 1.5 scoops/day (+150ml water)

Please note: 150g bag of dehydrated bone broth powder restores back to 3 litres of bone broth liquid.

brothy supports digestive health
brothy maintains healthy coat
brothy is a great source of nutrition
brothy nurtures healthy joints


How much broth will I get from a 150g bag?

150g bag of dehydrated bone broth powder restores back to around 3 litres of bone broth liquid.

How can I check the collagen level in the broth?

To turn your bone broth into a collagen jelly, make up the broth as per the instructions found on the back of the bag, then pop in the fridge for 24 hours to allow it to set. Please note, this won't work for chicken broth.

Why does my chicken broth doesn't turn into jelly?

Chicken bones don't have as much collagen as beef bones, so the amount of collagen in the chicken bone broth is lower (25%) than the one in beef bone broth (84%) and why the consistency is more runny. Don't worry - the chicken broth is still very nutritious and rich in protein!

Do I have to rehydrate the broth?

No, you can also sprinkle the powder over your dog's food as a delicious and nutritious topper.

Can Brothy be given to a puppy?

Absolutely! Bone broth can be given to puppies. However, it should not be used as a replacement for your puppy's meal.

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