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Welcome to Dog's Lounge – Supplements for Your Best Friend


What is Dog’s Lounge?

Dog's Lounge is a family-run dog food supplement brand. We offer made in the UK and the US premium quality products at affordable prices. We believe every dog deserves to live a healthy and active life and great nutrition is the key to achieving it.


Dog's Lounge - how it started?

Dog's Lounge started in 2017 as a passion project for Paulina after losing her beloved family dog, Dzagi. Toward the end of his 16 years of life, he suffered from a bad case of UTI (urinary tract infection), which ultimately resulted in his kidney's failure. After a prolonged battle with the illness and his condition worsening each day, Paulina and her family had to say their final goodbyes on March 15th, the day of Paulina's mum's birthday. 

That experience left her wondering - have we done enough to help Dzagi in his last moments? Was there anything we missed or could have done better?


Why dog supplements? 

The Dog's Lounge founders - Paulina, Mike and Mat, understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle quite early on. Apart from daily exercise and proper diet, introducing food supplements to fill the shortcomings of today's food made a noticeable difference in their overall wellbeing. So one evening, they started chatting, and one of them (nobody can now remember who it was, and everyone claims it was them) asked: "If we feel better, could our pets benefit from supplementing their diets too?" And so, the idea of Dog's Lounge was born - to become a go-to place for dog nutrition.


What drives us?

Here at Dog's Lounge, our primary goal is to ensure that every dog lives a healthy, happy and active life, as there's nothing better than seeing a smile on your furry friend's face all day, every day. We know proper nutrition can make it happen. And it's not just our wish. Every day we receive messages from our customers who share their experiences with our supplements and the positive effects on their dogs' lives. Those stories motivate us to keep going and improve our service. 

In 2020 a golden retriever Benji joined our family. Caring for him and watching him grow into a healthy and cheerful dog has been a fantastic journey. We are committed to looking after his wellbeing with the same passion as we are for caring for any other dog out there, as we believe they all deserve the best.


Dog's Lounge promise

Healthy dog means happy you, and that's why Dog's Lounge offers premium quality supplements to dog owners. Made in the UK and the US from sustainably sourced ingredients, we ensure that high industry standards are being followed.

We understand not every dog owner knows about nutrition and supplements and that it may sometimes feel overwhelming to choose what's best for their pets. That's why we are here to help and are always ready to answer any questions. 

We promise to provide you with information about dog nutrition and guarantee a 60-day money-back if you aren't happy with the product. Plus, if you order before 2 pm on a weekday, we offer same-day shipping.

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