26th31st August 

8th–9th September


How will my order be affected?

We will be shipping the orders as usual throughout the strike - nothing will change. However, some areas in the UK may experience several delays, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our side to speed up the delivery as this is outside of our control. So if you decide to place your order, please be patient.

What can I do to ensure my order arrives on time?

We have added additional shipping options (courier) - please use one of these at checkout as opposed to your standard Royal Mail service. Alternatively, you can find our supplements on Amazon and place your order there. Please note - Amazon orders are fulfilled by Amazon, not us, so if there are any issues, you will need to contact their support.

What if I spend £30+ on my order?

If you don't choose the courier option, your order will be sent using the Royal Mail 2nd Class service, as per usual.


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