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BERRI – Bladder & Kidney Cranberry Support for Dogs

Directions of Use

BERRI is a powerful bladder and kidney supplement for dogs that help with urination, look after urinary tract wellness and maintain kidney and bladder health.

The tablets contain a blend of 100% natural ingredients such as cranberry powder (works as a natural cleanser), marshmallow root (lubricates internal tissues and aids urinary tract), D-mannose (stops certain bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls), liquorice (fast-acting calming agent), astragalus root (maintains healthy kidney function), and nettle seed (good source of iron and calcium ).

120 chicken flavoured tablets | Only £0.14/tablet

***Smaller Tablet | Smaller Bottle | Unchanged Formula***

Look After Your Best Friend’s Urinary Tract Health. Say hello to Berri!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lisa H.

Arrived very quickly. Doggy loves them. Too early to tell if they work, but I think there’s improvement. Doggy is able to empty her bladder properly (she’s not peeing little and often) and no accidents in the house anymore 😊

Lyn A.

My dog has kidney disease and since being on these tablets his poo is a lot better and he seems more active

Angela C.
Berry bladder and kidney health

Too early yet to say whether they work.or not. Hoping they will reduce bladder stones as I can't seem to get my dogs prescription food anywhere.

Peter D.
Easy to administer and self cleaning teeth tip

Unfortunately, older ladies with 4 legs tend to have a problem with holding their wee.  Berri is very easy to administer, just throw it up in the air, she loves to catch things,especially food. Much, much easier than measuring drops out into their food or water. 

By the way, give your pets ‘Spring Water’, this will clean the limescale from their teeth if you live in a hard water area. Not knowing this cost us £600 to have a tooth removed. Very painful! It also works for you!! Your dentist or vet doesn't want you to know this.

It works

Our 12 yr old retriever started wetting at night. Berri has helped with this. A lot better than adding cranberry juice to her water bowl.