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BERRI – Bladder & Kidney Cranberry Support for Dogs

Directions of Use

BERRI is a powerful bladder and kidney supplement for dogs that help with urination, look after urinary tract wellness and maintain kidney and bladder health.

The tablets contain a blend of 100% natural ingredients such as cranberry powder (works as a natural cleanser), marshmallow root (lubricates internal tissues and aids urinary tract), D-mannose (stops certain bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls), liquorice (fast-acting calming agent), astragalus root (maintains healthy kidney function), and nettle seed (good source of iron and calcium ).

120 chicken flavoured tablets | Only £0.14/tablet

***Smaller Tablet | Smaller Bottle | Unchanged Formula***

Look After Your Best Friend’s Urinary Tract Health. Say hello to Berri!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Elisa Z.
So happy I stumbled across this online!

I just wanted to thank you so much. My 6 year old collie-cross suddenly developed a problem and was out of control of her bladder. We got tests at the vet which came back clear thankfully, but they told us we would have to medicate her for the rest of her life to handle this. Not a big fan of such treatment, I searched online for a more natural treatment. I bought this on a whim. Well, I'm so glad I did. This product has been incredible, immediate results and now she is not continually trying to clean up after herself and I have no more puddles to mop up! Honestly, so pleased with this product and I appreciate what you are doing so much. Thanks again! Elisa xxx

Maureen S.

I was recommended this product for my diabetic westie. Diabetics are prone to uti infections and Buster hasn’t had a uti since we started these tablets so we are very happy with these.

Brilliant Results

I am absolutely delighted with the results of this product. I bought this product for my older Yorkie who had started having a leaky bladder. After being told by the vet that this was a common problem for my aging girl, I wanted to look into a natural alternative and found Berri. I started her on these straight away. One on a morning & one on a evening. After 5 days I noticed that the accidents were starting to lessen. She began to improve as the days went by. It has now been 3 weeks and I am amazed at the difference. She still has very minor accidents every 3-4 days but is almost completely dry. She may become totally dry with continued use, however even if she doesn't I am thrilled with these results. She also has a lot more energy & is back to her usual playful self. Can highly recommend and will continue to use these

Tara D.

Excellent overall transaction thankyou and I will be buying from you again

Paul G.
Let's wait and see

We never expected immediate results - not even after two weeks form buying these tablets. But ... so far so good - the indicators say it is worth continuing (we are buying another month's worth). Our dog won't eat them "raw" (but she is on other tablets she dislikes, so we are familiar with hiding tablets. The Berri tablets we simply add to her morning feed and she wolfs the whole thing down as usual. Why persevere? She is an aging lady. As with all aging bitches a leaky bladder is a common problem. And the alternative? Take her to our vets and endless test and cost - then prescription tablet trials and cost - all without any greater guarantee of that working any better than this.