SCOOTER – Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs and Puppies

Directions of Use

SCOOTER is a premium digestive supplement that helps to maintain optimal anal sac and gland function in all dogs over 12 weeks of age. 

Formulated by veterinarians, Scooter contains a blend of natural and active ingredients such as beet pulp, psyllium seed husk, flaxseed, dandelion root, and pumpkin, that work from the inside out to keep your pup’s anal glands healthy and prevent them from becoming blocked. No more scooting butts on your floor! 


Potato Flake

Full-Fat Linseed


Brewer’s Yeast

Salmon Oil



Pumpkin Seed Powder (1%)

Dandelion Root Powder (0.9%)

Psyllium Powder (0.5%)


Technological additives



Sensory additives

Natural chicken liver powder and bacon powder



60 soft chews



Is Scooter RIGHT product for my dog?

There are many reasons for dogs' scooting, ranging from infection, parasites, to allergies and even cancer. Scooter works by adding extra fibre to your dog's diet that helps to bulk up the stool and in effect helps to reduce scooting. If the reason behind your dog scooting is NOT nutrition-related, consider other alternatives.

Look After Your Best Friend’s Digestive Health. Say hello to Scooter!

Customer Reviews

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Scooter Anal Gland Supplement

We feed our pets raw food and noticed that our dog was chewing his back end, so took him to the vet to have his anal glands expressed. The vet said that the bulkier the stool the better for keeping the anal glands working well. We already added vegetables to the raw food, so tried Scooter as an added extra crumbled over the food. We have been using it for the past few months and it is excellent for bulking up stools. Subsequently we have had no further issues or vet's visits and have been recommending this product to other people too. It is natural, effective, easy to add to food and best of all, it helps our dog to be comfortable and well.

Rob H.
Great product

I have a beagle who had anal gland issues and would quite often leak and leave the horrible pungent smell around the house or worse on our laps. I tried scooter and within about 10 days of using we noticed a difference. Since using them we haven't had any issues with her anal glands. If your dog has a similar problem its worth a try.


Dunja A.
Really works

Stopped my dogs irritation around his butt in 3 days - well worth it , the toileting is now much easier to pick up too

Jackie R.

Haven’t really seen any change as yet

Joy C.
Best product

I have tried other products to help with my dogs anal glands, but this is far the best one. He's had no problems since using svooter. The service is also second to non.