From Kibble to Raw. Raw Diet Journey with Benji (Part 1)

August 04, 2022 1 min read

Hi everyone, Paulina here, one of the founders of Dog's Lounge. You may know Benji from our Instagram page, but here's a quick introduction if you don't.

Benji is my two-year-old golden retriever. He loves playing with other dogs, swimming, exploring new places, sniffing and is a master of finding tennis balls - seriously, he finds them everywhere! He's the most gentle soul and a huge fan of bum scratches; simply the best dog I could've wished for, although quite challenging in some areas. Caring for him for these past two years has been full of ups and downs, and I recently had an idea to start sharing some of these moments with you - I hope you will find them interesting!

Benji raw fed golden retriever

We will start with food. Benji has been a very picky eater for quite some time - I know, unheard of when it comes to retrievers! He would refuse to eat his nutritious kibble (Orijen Six Fish) and would only pick the toppers I was adding to his bowl to entice him to eat. This has been going on for months and after trying all available options with nothing helping in the long term, I decided to try the raw diet. In this video, I share why we're switching, how long the process will take, and we will see Benji's reaction to his first raw meal. 

Is your dog on a raw diet? Are you struggling with your dog not eating his food? Get in touch and let us know! 

Resources mentioned in the video:
BARF UK Facebook group
All About Dog Food
Transition Guide
Offal Guide

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