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May 03, 2019 2 min read

Did you know that bacterial UTIs (urinary tract infections) affect 14 per cent of all dogs throughout their lifetime? Female dogs are more likely to get UTIs than males, but male dogs can still get them. This means the odds that your dog could experience UTI at some point in their life are comparatively high.

As the name suggests, urinary tract infections in dogs are infections of the urinary tract and the most common causes of UTIs in dogs are bacterial. The bacterial urinary tract infection is the most common infectious disease in dogs!

If you notice that your dog frequently tries to urinate, ends up peeing in inappropriate places, such as throughout the house, it can mean that the bladder is already inflamed.



Berri Overview

Berri is an advanced bladder and kidney support for urinary tract care. It contains 100% natural food ingredients and a formulated blend of Cranberry Powder, Marshmallow Root, D-mannose, Liquorice, Astragalus Root, Nettle Seed.


Berri – What’s Inside?


Dog's Lounge Berri supplement
Cranberry Powder

Works as a natural cleanser for the urinary tract.

Marshmallow Root

Helps to lubricate internal tissues and aids the urinary tract.

Nettle Seed

Contains a good source of iron and calcium, some potassium and silica – great for dogs who need extra trace minerals and vitamins in their diet.


A fast-acting, highly effective calming agent which does not compromise the immune system in any way.

Astragalus Root

Maintains kidney function and immunity including the respiratory system, spleen, liver, kidney and circulatory health.


A simple sugar that works in a similar way to cranberries.



Cranberry Powder, Marshmallow Root, D-mannose, Liquorice, Astragalus Root, Nettle Seed, Di Calcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Chicken Flavouring


Berri human grade 100% natural food ingredients maintain your dog’s healthy kidney and bladder, so your long-lived friend can feel happy and refreshed. Use Berri supplement tablets for bladder support and urinary tract care.


Start early! Berri dog urinary tract supplement tablets sustain the quality of life for all kind of dogs – large, small, young and old. Help your friend with urination, look after the urinary tract wellness, as well as maintain kidney and bladder health.


Berri tablets for urinary tract come in a delicious chicken flavour that your dog will love. They contain natural remedies such as Cranberry Powder, Marshmallow Root, D-mannose, Liquorice, Astragalus Root, Nettle Seed.


Our supplement is manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice to ensure product quality and safety.


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